Non-profit organisation Naša Nitra/Our Nitra have been established back in October 2014 in effort to support and promote huge variety of sporting clubs based in City of Nitra, Slovakia. OZ Naša Nitra delivers consultancy services in the field of club’s economy and marketing in order to improve their financial position, assure more professional promotion towards fans and potential partners as well as provide high quality offer of sporting activities for broad spectre of inhabitans in city of Nitra.

As a first step partnership with ice hockey and football team managers have been signed. The main goals were already achieved: utilization and organization of many successful meetings between club’s officials and potential partners resulted in new longterm partnerships contracts, improved cooperation with respective fan clubs and heavily improved communication with city of Nitra official representatives. Mentioned successful model of cooperation and communication is planned to extend also to other important sport organizations based in Nitra in effort to create nationwide known marketing concept SPORTING NITRA.