Donation of 2% taxes

We would like to ask you to donate 2% of your taxes, which will help us even more improve quality of our service.

In the year 2016 Foundation Nasa Nitra received confirmation from the government institution that is allowed to request for these donations. The amount of collected contributions as well as their usage will be published under section called Podporili sme/We donated

Enclosed form to 2% taxes

For successful delivering of 2% taxes please follow these instructions:


  • Fill in enclosed form for 2% taxes donation attached above
  • Attach original form about paid employee taxes which will be provided by employer and write in amounts of 2% taxes and full amount of tax paid directly to the 2% form.
  • Both documents need to be delivered to tax bureau. Tax bureau specification depends on permanent address of donator (e.g. Nitra tax bureau for people whose permanent address is in Nitra). It can be delivered via post or in person.
  • Deadline is set to 30th of April.

Companies and self-employed people:

  • Above attached form for 2% taxes donation need to be provided to accounting department by employee. There are mentioned all details which can be extracted by accountant in order to successfully assign those taxes to Foundation Nasa Nitra.
  • Deadline is set to 30th of April.